I help forward-thinking organisations be more inclusive

"Joel is a respected leader and professional. He has been involved in coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs and supporting corporate firms for a long-standing period and his proven track record proves that." Gianluca Lauri, BDL, DowJones


I design inclusive business development programmes, models and strategies for Executive Teams, Senior Management and Aspiring Leaders.

All programmes are highly interactive, and tailored to the bespoke needs of every client.


I provide unique consultancy services, to help organisations who wish to create more inclusive and diverse business support and leadership.

Clients to date have included the BBC, Essentra PLC, GBSLEP among many other cross-sector brands and organisations.


I speak regularly through keynote talks, motivational speaking and guest lecturing on inclusive business growth, and entrepreneurship.

I have delivered TEDx talks, been hired to speak by global organisations, through to the higher education sectors, alongside judging a number of national business competitions.

I help organisations #BeTheDifference for their teams, customers and wider stakeholders. I achieve this by through public speaking, business programme design and delivery, strategy consulting and fintech.

The modern and global world of business support requires organisations to be more inclusive and sustainable in their approach. But many existing business support programmes and services are failing to meet the fast-changing needs of more diverse high growth businesses, due to a lack of inclusive, cultural and social intelligence on these businesses, and restrictions imposed by regulation and rules.

Over the years, my entrepreneurial journey has manifested into several ventures including founding one of the UK’s first diverse recruitment companies for the BPFS sector, building an international business and training consultancy, creating a peer to peer mentoring network through to advising policymakers, economists and central government on inclusive business support, and even a stint within sport!

I have had the privilege to have worked with a diverse range of cross-sector clients and partners – from globally-leading organisations, No 10 Downing Street & central government, business associations and local enterprise partnerships, through to business incubators, accelerators, VCs, investors, social enterprise innovators and individual entrepreneurs.

I use my experience to help business support organisations create and innovate their own business and enterprise support services, on a regional, national and on a global scale.

I am also President of the Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce and I enjoy giving back as the Non-Executive Director of two companies.

If you would like to explore areas of support for your organisation, why don’t we meet virtually or face to face to suit?¬†

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Gabrielle Moanen

Director. Oxford Mentors

Joel is approachable and is able to effortlessly inspire by simply being present and sharing a few words. One of a few in the UK that are effective to such degree, and I wholeheartedly recommend Joel as an inspirational speaker.

Nigel Boatswain

Director, Apple Europe (Beats by Dre)

"Joel is a dedicated professional who has the needs of those whom he represents close to his heart. He can be relied upon to liaise between diverse communities and business, in an effective, passionate and responsible manner."

Jamie Davies

Assistant VP, JP Morgan

"I have known Joel for a while and he has fast become a genuine and trusted friend. He uniquely balances corporate acumen, with real-life entepreneurship experience, with endless energy and enthusiasm, and often has good advice or a contact to help."

Thought Leadership

My thoughts on Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Diversity and other random musings

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