Once again, we are aboard the good ship Resolution, ready to set sail on the seas of weight-loss, no smoking and any other goal that makes you feel good.

But, once again, we must also prepare to don our life-jackets, for that time when a hole appears in the bottom of the boat and Resolution sinks to meet up with all the ships of yesteryear!

Ok, it sounds miserable, but how many times have you been here before?

Every 30th and 31st of December, we feel so excited about the resolutions that we set, and fall in love with patting ourselves on the back for committing to change….until life takes over in about 3 or 6 months time, we go off track and we start looking forward to the next 30th and 31st of December!

I’m not a psychologist, but my experience in wasting my first class ticket aboard the good ship Resolution over the years, has taught me a couple things:

1) Resolutions are often set with a Deficit Mindset i.e. you set a resolution to replace a negative aspect of your life, rather than an adopt a Strategic Mindset, focused on the long-term benefit of achievement.

2) You spend time feeling good about what you will achieve, but don’t fully execute a clear plan on how you will get there and how you will handle the challenges that will come your way.

But let me be clear..I, 100%, believe in working hard towards something that you wish to achieve. The results of positive impact, can add value in all areas of your life!

But it is just as important to ensure you don’t feel disappointed in the very near future, because you did not manage your own expectations! How, I hear you ask?

Have a plan that is outcome focused. There are many ways to set a plan, though the plan has to be designed in a way that gives you a strong foundation for achievement, not hope.

Here my top 10 tips for you to build that foundation, so you can smash your goals this year! :

1 Be clear on the purpose for your goal  gain clarity on the benefit that you wish to feel, experience, provide etc from achieving your goal. What is the purpose of all your current and future efforts? e.g.. do you want to lose weight because you feel you will gain more confidence in yourself, or because you want to experience playing football with the kids in the park, without getting out of breath?

2 Write your goals down and review them every day  your mind and emotion will connect better with the goal, through the physical action of writing and repetition. This is much better than just thinking about it, and feeling all warm and fuzzy with the thought.

3 Prioritise the quality of the goal, over the quantity of your goals – it is better to think about and choose 2-3 goals that you can really focus your efforts on and that stretch you, as opposed to the challenge and potential frustration of not achieving 5-10 + goals.

4 Be specific about your goal – the more specific you make your goal, the more focus and refinement of effort you will make i.e. Instead of “I want to save £300 pounds for something nice”, how about “I will save £50 per month for 6 months, so I can take my other half away for a surprise weekend for their birthday.”

5 Set smaller deadlines – the achievement of smaller but more regular deadlines, will help to drive your momentum and motivation. i.e. Want to lose 3 stone in 6 months? Focus on losing 1.75 pounds a week CONSISTENTLY instead.

6 Schedule the time before anything else – we all have 24 hours in a day. How you choose to spend your time, will dictate the results that you will get. If you schedule and use your time wisely, it reduces the chance of ‘life’ taking over. That includes that series you are watching on Netflix.

7 Plan for the blockers – there will be times when you just don’t feel like it, suffer from low motivation, get ill, feel fear, have people holding you back etc. Make a list of what your potential blockers may be, and set a strategy of what you will do if that happens. You have no excuses then.

8 Share your reasons for your goals, with those most likely to be impacted by your actions – by letting other people into your ‘goal world’, you are actually giving them the opportunity and permission, to do whatever they can to help you achieve them. Why? Because they understand the purpose behind the goal, not just the goal itself.

9 Get on accountability partner – forget the superhero mentality. We all need support, to help us when we hit a tough spot, and to both encourage and empower you when you veer off track. Find someone who is skilled at giving hugs and kicking arses, as you will need both things at some point.

10 Be flexible but focused  the path to goal achievement is never a straight line, and that is ok. Be willing to adapt to changes that will come, but don’t lose sight of rule number 1 on this list 🙂

These top 10 tips are very much based on individual goals. Regardless, goals are set to be achieved. Think and dream, but the results only come when you take action.

Till the next time, JB

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