Christmas is over, the in-laws have gone home and the kids are back at school – yes, I can hear your huge sigh of relief across cyberspace!!

As you get back into the routine of stacked inboxes and meetings, and though I would never claim to ever know what the physical pain of childbirth is like, I believe that developing corporate entrepreneurship is a lot like having a child……

As the corporate ‘parents’, you start by dancing around the idea of entrepreneurship with the executive team and finally seal the deal with the purse string holders. Inspired staff give birth to an array of ideas. You help them learn ‘on the job’ how to nurture the ideas, shaping their development through the formative years and being there for them, as they struggle with the demands of growth.

Occasionally, things can get so crazy that you wish you could put the ideas (and some staff!) back where they came from, but ultimately you desire for the ideas to mature, take on a life of their own and give birth to a couple of grandchildren to continue the legacy!

But as the ‘parent’, it is also natural to question yourself on what you are ACTUALLY doing. I know your game-face is firmly in place, but you will still experience self-doubt, a lack of self-belief and think that you are just not cut out for the job. Especially, when those progress checks come in…

Ironically, there is something almost masochistic about the pain you experience, as you lead Corporate Entrepreneurship in your business.

As you strive for success, you feel tired, both physically and mentally. You may find yourself sacrificing relationships and precious time with family and friends, in pursuit of your version of business utopia.

Yet, you find pleasure in the learning, the growth and the small wins that come your way!

The reality is that you can read all the books you want, watch all the videos you like and have as many conversations that you feel you need. But NOTHING prepares you for the emotional roller-coaster of entrepreneurship within a company.

You have to embrace the unforeseen curve balls that will come, no matter how well you plan ahead. But like a dirty nappy, s**t happens. Just learn how to change that nappy faster.

Here are 3 insights that will reveal themselves to you, along the way:

1) Adversity breeds strength – such an obvious statement, but so true! You will never know how resilient you and your team are, until you help them to look back at what they have overcome to achieve what they have achieved.

This strength may also mean accepting that you can’t carry everyone – each person must be willing to enter into the stocks, and take the rotten food that gets thrown at them, as the best people think of new recipes at the same time…

2) Be a student for life – the moment you think you have all the answers, is the moment you know nothing at all! Education is a broad church, so you and the team must be open to learning from all angles, whilst being able to filter what makes sense to you based on what you need now, and in the future.

3) Embrace child-like innocence – have you ever asked for your children’s opinion of something with them having no prior knowledge of the challenges you face, and received a simplistic epiphany-style response that makes you feel small?

Enough said.

You have everything within you to achieve, whatever you wish to achieve for your team and company.  Maybe, you just don’t know how good a parent you are yet.

Till the next time, JB.

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